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Herbarium isn’t just another medical and recreational cannabis dispensary. Unlike the rest, we are vertically integrated. That means we’re licensed for cultivation, distribution, retail, delivery, and all aspects from seed to sale.

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Herbarium encourages you to see for yourself. Our two-level locations feature a full kitchen, bakery, cannabis, coffee, grow room, oil capping machine, joint rolling machine, plants from baby to cloning stages, and so much more. We produce our own brands, make our own range of bowls and pipes, and take pride in our incredible selection of strains. We offer everything you’re looking for and an experience you’ll appreciate.

Herbarium aims to be more than just your local cannabis shop. We want to be a destination for locals and tourists alike. We want Herbarium LA to be synonymous with quality, beauty, and education. We promise to only provide cannabis of the highest quality, including topicals, tinctures, oil, edibles, CBD products, and flower.

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Herbarium is a family-owned business founded on the concept of cannabis use for a variety of needs and desires. Our goal is to provide clients with a curated experience inside our stores or online with an extensive menu, live chat help, and fast delivery. Herbarium has been growing a network of suppliers and customers since 1996 with the legalization of medical marijuana. We hold the only multiple license in Los Angeles for retail, cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and delivery, making us the number one spot for cannabis. All products are independently tested and carry the certified CA symbol.

We are a family-funded, start-up organization and since opening on the first day of legalization in CA, we’ve gone from good to great to amazing. Our exceptional quality of products, customer service, and rigorously trained budtenders are only the beginning of what sets us apart.

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Legal Weed Dispensary in Beverly Hills, CA | Marijuana Delivery Playa Vista, CA

Consider taking our Star Line tour for two hours of enjoyment, including celebrity houses and an hour in our dispensary watching our glassblower make pipes, getting a glimpse into the grow room, and time to browse and buy. Stop and see us at our kiosks along Hollywood Blvd and Venice Beach.

Take advantage of cannabis pick-up or delivery throughout Needles, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Culver City, Toluca Lake, Playa Vista, Studio City, La Brea, Fairfax, and Beverlywood, CA!

Order online for in-store pick-up, curbside pick-up, or delivery at our convenient locations in West Hollywood and Needles. Herbarium isn’t just the best choice for all of your medical and recreational cannabis needs anywhere throughout Needles, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Culver City, Toluca Lake, Playa Vista, Studio City, La Brea, Fairfax, and Beverlywood, CA. We are your trusted and proven source for guidance, information, and better quality of life.

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We want to reward you for shopping with us. Stop by our Los Angeles or Needles location for more information!

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